Why Green Pulp Paste Masque Is The Best Mask You’ll Ever Use

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A bold claim? We don’t think so! Green Pulp Paste Masque is one of our debut products and has consistently been one of our most highly raved products since our launch. It is a powerful green masque that’s rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants and plant nutrients collectively known as phytonutrients. Here’s how it works: 

“At first, it’s like a gel but then, it transforms into a white paste when you heat it between your palms. When I first tried it on, my face felt like it was going to a sauna. After leaving it on for 10 minutes, my skin has never felt so soft!” - Michelle Varinata, Lapis and Layers

The foundation of the masque is a complex known as Green Pulp Paste™ - a plant powered blend of phytonutrient rich extracts made with Carrots, Tomatoes, Matcha, Kale and Soybeans and inspired by the leftover pulp from juicing. While these ingredients may not sound like the most appetising juice blend, but on your skin, it’s magic!

Antioxidant Blend

Green Pulp Paste™ is made of several key antioxidants: Beta-Carotenes, Lycopene and Polyphenols. It also contains Vitamins A, K and C, as well as an essential fatty acid called Linoleic Acid that can help improve the skin barrier by keeping water in and free radicals out. These ingredients not only reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, they also help to slow the breakdown of your skin’s extracellular matrix. 

Let’s learn more about the promising phytonutrients found in Green Pulp Paste Masque:


Potent antioxidants that have been shown to reduce UV light induced damage, making your skin look younger, healthier and brighter. This compound gives carrots their rich orange colour and is a precursor to Vitamin A.

Tomato Lycopene 

Another antioxidant that can help aged skin look more youthful. It has powerful wrinkle reducing properties as well as gentle brightening abilities, and is great for those with sun damage and age spots. Green Pulp derives its lycopene from tomatoes - an excellent skin hydrator that can also help to tighten pores. 

Tea Polyphenols 

A collection of antioxidants found naturally in matcha. They have skin-soothing properties and can help reverse skin ageing, preventing sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamins A, K and C

The major vitamins derived from kale, a leafy green superfood that can combat signs of ageing and hydrate skin. According to dermatologist Dr David Bank, “The vitamin K in kale helps to reduce the dark circles under your eyes and ‘tightens’ your skin, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles.”

Linoleic Acid

An essential omega-6 fatty acid that can help improve skin dryness, inflammation, acne and redness. It is considered ‘essential’ because it is necessary for health, but cannot be made by the human body. Green Pulp’s linoleic acid comes primarily from soybean oil, which is made from 53% linoleic acid.

Sauna In A Tube 

Green Pulp is an innovative hydration masque that transforms from a chlorophyll-rich green gel to a milky white paste when activated. It warms when massaged, imparting a luxurious feeling that leaves skin feeling smooth and replenished. One of the key challenges of developing Green Pulp was actually finding the most comfortable level of warmth for all skin types. It was like playing Goldilocks with our faces every time we tested lab samples - not too hot, not too cold, but just right!

This supremely soothing masque leaves skin bright, hydrated, and nourished with plant-powered antioxidants that can help preserve your youth. Get your tube of Green Pulp Paste Masque here!


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