Rooki Rewards

Rooki Rewards is our new loyalty program that rewards you, your friends and your skin! Earn Rookie Points with every purchase, share your love for Rooki and redeem rewards.

How it works

Here's how you can start earning points:

1) Welcome Gift / Signup = 500 Rookie Points

2) Share on FB = 500 Rookie Points

3) Following our Social Media = 250 Rookie Points

4) Celebrate a Birthday = 1000 Rookie Points

5) Making a purchase = 15 Rookie Points for every $1 spent

Refer a friend to earn $10

Give your friend $10 off and take $10 off yourself too!

Just follow these steps:

1) Sign into your Rooki account

2) Click on Rooki Rewards and share the Referral URL with your friend.

3) After your friend clicks on the URL and enters their email, they will be able to click an "Apply Code" button which automatically adds the $10 off code to their shopping cart.

4) If they go on to make their purchase, you will get your $10 off reward.