Getting Up Close and Cosy with Clara Teo, Founder of Sunday Bedding

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We all know that sleep is important and who doesn't love a good and restful sleep? A quick google search will let you know that an average adult requires seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Sleeping less than five hours regularly will result in various health problems,  because while you are sleeping, your body will go through a process of restoration and repair to be ready for the next day! This is a huge reason why many people like to throw sleep around as a remedy for many problems - Dark eye circles? Sleep more. Having a headache? Take a nap. 

Since sleep has such a crucial role in our lives, it would be great to look into ways to improve your quality of sleep. For many, sleep comes naturally, especially if they have had a long day, but for others, falling asleep can be tough even if they are tired. This affects your body in various ways such as having skin issues and is also one reason why as much as topical products like skincare help to target your skin problems, it can only do so much because it works hand in hand with other factors like having enough sleep. As such, having a good bed, comfortable bed sheets and regular sleep cycle are some ways we can look into to improve our sleep. We had a chat with Clara, the founder of local bedding company, Sunday Beddings and discussed what sparked her interest to create her brand and her thoughts on beauty sleep. 

1. Three words to describe yourself and why!

I’m curious, amiable, and efficient! I’m genuinely curious about learning different things, which makes me a jack of all trades (but unfortunately also a master of none!). I’m open-minded and non-judgemental so I’d like to think that I’m easy to be around with. Finally, perhaps it’s some sort of inner laziness but I like to get things done as quickly as possible and find the best solution that involves the least amount of effort.   

2. What were you doing before you started Sunday Bedding?

Prior to Sunday Bedding, I was working in industries completely unrelated to home textiles! I was a Data Analytics Senior Manager at Zuellig Pharma, a pharmaceutical distribution company in Singapore. I also spent some time in Seattle, United States with Amazon before moving back to Singapore.

3. Why did you decide to start Sunday Bedding and what is the inspiration behind the name?

It began when my husband Alex and I started shopping for our new home together. We realised how easy it is to get lost in the jargon and not understand how bedsheets affect the way we sleep. Alex’s family has been in home textiles manufacturing for the last three decades and while shopping we realized that good quality bedsheets are often costly; the options are overwhelming, and customers often end up leaving the decision to store salespersons. We created Sunday Bedding as a solution to all that frustration and to bridge the disconnect between individual sleeping habits and the wealth of bedding options available

Our vision is to advocate the importance of quality rest, as well as provide the tools to decompress and create what we call the ‘Sunday Feeling’. With our products, we hope to bring the feeling of a relaxing Sunday morning to our customers throughout the week!

4. Starting a business is not easy and there are sure to be ups and downs. Can you share with us some of the difficulties that you had to face and what kept you going?

I’ve always had a more analytical background prior to Sunday Bedding and I didn’t have any prior exposure to the more creative side of running a brand. When we first started, we had difficulty finding the right partners to work with. We had no idea how to manage photography for our campaigns, or visual merchandising. It was through a combination of trial and error, and expanding our network through events that we managed to find our amazing group of partners today! I think what really kept us going was the positive feedback and encouragement we received from our #sundaysleepclub community.

5. Work-life balance is something that many still struggle with nowadays. Share with us some things you do to take your mind off work?

One of the hardest things transitioning from a corporate role to running a small business is the lack of structure. While my hours are now more flexible, it can be difficult to mentally ‘tune-out’ from work. I try to stick to the same schedule everyday, even on days where I do not have meetings scheduled. Exercise is a really important de-stressor for me. I’ll usually incorporate a 30-minutes yoga / barre ritual in the late afternoons or mornings. Post dinner time is strictly for relaxation only – I’ll spend some time either on Netflix or reading a book while turning on my scent diffuser before bedtime!

6. Do you see an importance in beauty sleep? Tell us what you feel about skincare and sleep.

Sleep is so important to skincare! Women tend to spend a lot on makeup and skincare (myself included!) but sometimes we forget about the basics of getting good quality sleep at night. That being said, getting a good 8-hour sleep is not always feasible for all of us due to various reasons, so good skincare products come in handy and are tools to help us look and feel better. For instance, I have an eye serum that I use specifically to perk myself up when I don’t get enough sleep at night. 

7. Sunday Bedding provides an array of quality beddings that suit different lifestyles, but which bedding is your personal favourite and why?

I love the French Linen sheets! I’m currently using the Dusty Plum in French Linen. Linen sheets have such a cosy,  rumpled look so there’s no need to iron them as the wrinkles are all part of linen’s charm. They’re also super durable and do not trap dust as easily as cotton which is helpful since our 2 cats sleep with us. The natural, textural feel of linen is a plus point for us as it feels like a mini-massage on our skin too. 

8. Tell us about your skincare routine

After washing my face, I use a hydrating toner, followed by a facial essence and a serum before wrapping my routine up with a moisturizer. On certain nights, I also incorporate a facial mask. I love the Honey Matcha Cleansing Drops from Rooki Beauty and have finished about 4 bottles of this facial wash! I love how clean my skin feels with the facial wash, without the drying and tingly sensation. I rotate between different serums and I’m currently using Rooki’s Anti-Pollution Drops.

9. There's no handbook to running a successful business, but if there were, what would your No. 1 rule be?

Learn to embrace imperfections and uncertainties! Prior to running a business, I always wanted things to be executed in a certain way. What I’ve realized that it’s more important to balance the need for perfection, with speed to market. It is far more efficient to launch something that may not be 100% perfect, get customer feedback and iterate – rather than stress out about not delivering an output that is not exactly as what you have envisioned. 

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