This is water at it's finest

Made with pure Onsen Water from Yubara Onsen, a natural hot spring located at the riverbed of the Asahi River that is known for treating sensitive skin.

Yubara Onsen

We use Onsen Water from Yubara Onsen, a gensen kakenagashi onsen (源泉かけ流し) - which means that it flows freely from a ground source without the use of additional pressure, heating or filtration.

Less than 5% of the onsens in Japan are this way. The waters in these onsens are non-circulated, non-filtered and rich in skin-soothing minerals.

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A Japanese tradition

Due to the volcanic nature of Japan, it is home to plenty of hot springs, each with their own distinctive minerals and composition. In Japan, the Hot Spring Law (“Onsenhou”) states that the water temperature of an onsen must be over 25°C at the moment when it gushes out and that it must contain at least one of 19 special minerals.

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Where does Onsen Water come from?

In other words, when you bathe in an onsen - you are soaking in 50 year old water that has been enriched with minerals in its journey.

Instant skin comfort

With each spray, our Onsen Water is released in its purest and most untreated state, as if you were drawing it directly from the onsen itself.

Surrounded by pristine nature, Yubara Onsen is unique in that it uses only free-flowing hot spring water which bubbles directly from the ground. Our users report experiencing immediate skin relief and replenishment.

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All products in this line uses skin-soothing Onsen Water from Yubara Onsen as our first ingredient.