Nice to meet you!

I'm Hayley, the chief make-things-happen officer behind Rooki Beauty. My love affair with skincare started at a few years ago when and tired of my first job after graduation - I decided to experiment in my home kitchen by making lip balms, clay masks and body scrubs. Using fresh foods, I created my own skincare and to my amazement, my skin improved tremendously!

Things got rolling.

On a visit to Japan and inspired by the beauty of their farms and freshness of their food, I decided to take this hobby of mine to the next level. If I wanted to do this skincare thing for real, I needed to do it properly. From that day onwards, I went down a rabbit hole to create Rooki Beauty, a skincare brand that believes in an effortless approach to good skin - one that's as fresh as you.

Rooki Beauty is born!

The world can be pretty confusing, but skincare doesn't have to be. I chose the name Rooki Beauty because I wanted to make skincare so easy, even a rookie can use it. My wonderful team of dreamers and doers are dedicated to creating hassle-free formulas using Japanese superfoods and science that respects your skin's unique chemistry.

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