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Feeling bummed because of an acne breakout? Finding it hard to refrain from picking your pimples? We understand that feeling. The good news is that we are releasing 36 gentle-on-skin-but-tough-on-zits stickers to help fight your acne.

Mission Critical Acne Patch is our love letter to your skin. It is made with hydrocolloid - a gentle, drug-free and innovative non-drying technology that absorbs excess fluid like oil and pus to help speed up the healing process. Furthermore, it forms a protective layer that isolates your skin from the rest of the external environment - including your fingers - creating a sterile environment that is conducive to healing. 

We understand that life happens, and that acne outbreaks are sometimes part of the package. Personally, my pimples love erupting right before an important event - and especially before meeting my crush. Like most of my friends, I've also been experiencing maskne. It's really stressful trying to maintain clear skin under my mask! This is why instead of coming up with your usual clear and round acne patches, we decided to create something that allows you to have fun while caring for your skin. We also wanted to send the message that just because you have acne, does not mean that you need to hide yourself. You are more than your acne - it does not define who you are unless you let it.

What is Mission Critical Acne Patch? 

Mission Critical Acne Patch is an innovative gel technology that helps to heal your acne by absorbing oil and pus and preventing bacteria from entering your zits. It creates a protective seal that prevents your fingers from constantly touching your zits. This can help to prevent infection and scarring. 

There's a common misconception that placing stickers on your face might tug and pull the skin, damaging your fragile skin further. This cannot be further from the truth! Mission Critical Acne Patch is designed to gently adhere onto skin, with medium stickiness, and will not damage your skin on removal. 

It is 100% drug-free.

No more burning through tubes of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid - our patches are 100% drug-free and will not cause dryness or irritation. At the last minute, the last thing we want is for skin to be red and raw - or worst - to start peeling. Relying only on osmosis, our rapid response, acne-flattening patches are the perfect solution to sensitive skin. 

What can you expect to see? 

After 6 hours, you patch should turn speckled white and your zit should look noticeably flatter and less red. Please note that Mission Critical Acne Patch will only work on zits that have surfaced (like whiteheads) and adheres best on skin that is clean and dry. 

With love, Mission Critical Acne Patch. SHOP NOW

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