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Mission Critical Acne Patch

$ 18 SGD

Cutest lifesaver for skin 

Breakouts are never fun, but who says it can't be cute? Our heart-shaped acne patches are a one-step, zit-busting solution to your pimple problems. Simply stick one of 36 patches over your zit and leave it on overnight to work its magic! 

Made with hydrocolloid - a gentle, drug-free and innovative non-drying technology that absorbs excess fluid like oil and pus. You'll know our patch is doing its job when it turns speckled white.

Perfect for gifting  - buy multiple packs, and save more!

Tips For Best Results 

♡ Think of our patches as an emergency band-aid for skin. Because it takes at least 6 hours to work, it's a good idea to stock it up as breakouts can happen when you least expect it. 

♡ Remove your makeup thoroughly and apply our patches on clean and dry skin. This will help create a sterile environment for skin healing. 

♡ Have an acne-popping habit? Our patches can help to keep your fingers away from your face, preventing scarring and infection.

♡ Leave our patches on overnight, or under your face mask for maximum cuteness. 

♡ Zits are temporary, and skin can always be healed with patience, love and care. Always remember that you are more than your acne - it does not define who you are unless you let it.

How To Apply

Pop your patch onto clean and dry skin and leave it on overnight. Works best on pus or fluid-filled pimples and for spot-treating breakouts.

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