Rookie, it's treat time! Welcome to our first ever Superfood Snack Party where we celebrate the amazing powers of superfoods for skin and health.

With our 4 fabulous friends Wunderfood, ZENKO Superfoods, Amazin' Graze and Mr Bucket Chocolaterie, we have prepared a colourful array of superfood snacks packed with a rainbow of nutrients to share with our Rookies!

Simply spend above $150 and a random snack sample from one of our fab four will be included in your package! While stocks last~

 Happy Snacking ❤️

Everyone has a favourite food or beverage. Let’s be real. For most of us, it’s not a dry kale salad. Like you, we love to eat and drink. Hokkien Mee. Beef Rendang. Kopi-O Siew Dai. Food that are real tasty, real nutritious and real affordable. Drinks that not only nourish the body but also satisfy the soul.

Wunderfood is founded on this realness. There’s no sugar-coating it. No artificial sweetener. No artificial preservative. Only real food cooked and packed immediately for your convenience. Real tasty, real nutritious, real healthy for your enjoyment.

Wunderfood believes that when food is real, your meal gets real delicious! So you can enjoy sizzling, tasty local cuisines, guilt-free. And slurp up a great, guzzling mouthful, full of goodness. A lifestyle with your favourite treats. We live to eat. Eat to live. We’re all for real.

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Valid until 30 June

ZENKO Superfoods is a Singaporean superfood company founded by two friends with a passion for discovering nutritious ingredients and transforming them in a conscious manner into delicious snacks for today’s generation. They aspire to explore the world and bring ancient superfood to the modern-day snacking to get you one step closer to a guilt-free lifestyle.

Their Water Lily Pops are made from the seeds of water lily flowers, found in the ponds located in the North-Eastern Indian state of Bihar, at the foothills of the Himalayas. They work directly with the local community and their farmers are involved in all 5 steps of their process – from harvesting, to roasting, popping, flavouring and finally packing.

Amazin’ Graze creates wholesome snacks with fun and bold tropical flavours such as curry and pandan. Their products are made from all natural ingredients with no refined sugars, and contain a healthy serving of nuts, dried fruits and superfoods to take the nutritional value of your breakfast to the next level. Freshly baked, they’re perfect for snacking any time of the day.

Their brand new AMAZIN’ MINIS are fun-sized mini packs of their best-selling granolas and nut mix flavours. With the AMAZIN' MINIS, you can now explore a variety of unique tropical flavours in a single-serve portion anytime, anywhere! No fuss, no stress. Just grab and go to snack in between meetings, or as post-workout fuel - the possibilities are endless!

Launched in November 2020, Mr. Bucket is a Singapore-based chocolaterie with an open-concept retail space. The brand is inspired by the narrative of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and founded in hopes to make bean-to-bar chocolate consumption and gifting more accessible to the modern day consumer.

Focused on using only bean-to-bar chocolate that is sustainably-sourced within Asia, Mr. Bucket specialises in artisanal Chocolate Bon Bons and offers an array of other exciting chocolate treats available both at their retail store and online store.

They continuously work with local brands in creating new exciting flavours, pushing the boundaries of flavour pairings. Some of these flavours are Salted Egg Yolk – created together with local snack company The Golden Duck and Double Soy Sauce Caramel – made from light and dark soya sauce from renowned local brand Kwong Woh Hing. No bon bon is alike as each artisanal chocolate treat is custom made in-house.