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About Ying Yi Wellness 

Ying Yi Wellness's specially formulated tea are designed to minimise discomfort during your period. Replenish your body's energy after you recover from all that outflow of blood. Nourish and rebalance your body in preparation for your next cycle. This is tradition, made modern.

 THE PINK PACK: Calm your emotions on days where hormones seem to be raging

Delicately balanced with ingredients derived from the Tang Kuei & Peony Formula, the Pink Pack works to relieve lower abdominal pain while nourishing the blood and regulating the liver. The natural herbs also work to strengthen the spleen and cleanse ‘dampness’ during the most uncomfortable days of the month.

THE WHITE PACK: Nourish the yin and drive out heat while restoring exhaustion

After menstruation, the body spontaneously transits to work on nourishing the qi and yin, preparing itself for the next menstrual cycle. The White Pack assists in this natural process, supplementing both qi and yin deficiencies using a modified Ginseng & Ophiopogon Formula where the warm Ginseng is replaced with the more neutral Tangshen, considered more suitable for our tropical climate. 

THE YELLOW PACK: Relieve muscle contractions and PMS symptoms

The Yellow Pack is reformulated from Bupleurum & Peony Formula to relieve tensions and improve sleep quality. Hawthorn fruit is added to promote digestive function, and reduce bloating, while preventing cholesterol accumulation in the blood. White peony root and licorice are used in combination to both nourish liver yin and effectively relieve muscle contractions typically associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS).