our formulas


Less is Better

Despite what the beauty industry has been telling us, we don't really need multiple product lines. Rooki believes that your everyday skin needs can be broadly classified into two simple categories.

R O O K I   B A S I C S

Simple and universal 'must haves' for everyday use with a focus on replenishment, protection and maintaining the integrity of your skin's natural barrier.

R O O K I   P E R F E C T O R S

Powerful and targeted solutions that restore the skin matrix and reduce cellular damage caused by aging and the environment.

Ingredients with mileage

Our superfoods are sourced from all over the planet. We obsessively evaluate each superfood based on their antioxidant, enzyme, vitamin and mineral profiles, blending them in optimal concentrations to create naturally powerful products that deliver a buffet of nutrients to your skin.

Clean Chemistry

Skincare should be safe, but that isn't always the case. The majority of mainstream beauty products loaded with potentially toxic and filler ingredients that do absolutely nothing for skin. Skincare is accumulative - though you may not see damage today, it does not mean that you never will. What you leave out of your skin matters!