clean chemistry


Founder's Note

What's your normal? Growing up, I never had good skin. I used silicone-based primers, which faked 'good skin' - but when I was alone in the bathroom, the fluorescent lights would always reveal what I tried so hard to hide: acne-ridden skin and red, splotchy patches.

Naturally, I thought there was something wrong with me. It never occurred to me that there could be something wrong with the skincare I was using, or the beauty brands I loved. After all, they were the experts and I was just a rookie. I started a hobby of making and selling lip balms and soon started teaching myself about ingredients.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Alcohol Denat. Methylparaben. These were words that I had seen countless times, but never bothered to research. When I removed the products that contained these ingredients, my skin cleared up almost immediately. It was tough finding replacement products - I was young and so was the clean beauty movement. And these bad ingredients were the norm.

But just because something is normal, doesn't mean it's right. A huge part of clean beauty is consumer education. Sulfates, artificial fragrances and parabens shouldn't and doesn't have to be the norm. The onus is on us creators and consumers to set a new normal.

With Rooki I blended superfoods with clinically proven actives to create a skincare brand that actually works, and didn't compromise our health. I call this commitment our 'clean chemistry'. It's cosmetically elegant, made with safe emulsifiers and preservatives, and really works. It's the kind of normal I wish I had growing up.

- Hayley, Founder of Rooki