Rooki Beauty

Mermaid Tears

$ 21 SGD

Limited Edition Drop: The Resort Collection

🌈 [LAUNCH SPECIAL: Save $10 and get free shipping when you add Mermaid Tears +  Circadian Fixer Hydro Drops to cart]

Care for your nails like how you care for your skin with a limited edition hyaluronic acid infused nail polish inspired by our skincare. Safe, naturally glossy and completely peelable!

HA-INFUSED: Our polishes are made with only 4 ingredients, making them one of the cleanest polishes ever. These odourless nail colours are also infused with moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid, so your nails don't dry out.

PEELABLE: Ever wanted a manicure without the commitment? Now you can because our polishes are 100% peelable. Say goodbye to nail polish removers because these polishes are so easy, even a rookie can use it!   

Tips For Picture Perfect Nails

💅 Apply with light strokes to create thin coats. Allow our polish to dry completely before painting on the next coat for picture perfect nails! 

💅 To prevent chipping, end your application by capping the free edge - meaning that you don't just stop before the tip, but instead make sure you go over the edge to cover your tips too. 

💅 There's no need for base coats! Having a base coat will prevent it from peeling. Top coats are optional too. You can trust our natural high gloss formula!

💅 Peel tip! The trick to peeling it off nicely in one solid piece is to apply 2-4 thin coats. The thicker the layer, the easier it is to peel in one piece. 

How To Apply 

Apply the polish onto your clean and dry nails in smooth strokes and seal the tip of your nail after each application. Repeat for about 3-4 coats to ensure that the polish is thick enough to peel off when you want to! 

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