Introducing Our Serums!

Whoop, it’s finally here! 

We’re so excited to introduce our new serums to you that we’ve barely been able to sleep (luckily, we now have a product for that). With one fell swoop, we have doubled our product range. This was not an easy task, nor was it something that happened overnight. But thanks to your support and the efforts of our hardworking scientists in Japan, we were able to make it possible. Many of you may have only been expecting one product to be launched, but instead there’s three of them. This is a lot of product to unpack. But don’t worry, we’ll take it slow! Let’s start with how we came up with our serums and how they can help your skin. 

Made For Modern Life

The fact is, you can have the most perfect skincare routine, but sometimes your skin just needs that extra boost. Modern life demands so much from us, and there are so many lifestyle factors that can affect your skin. So we decided to ask you:

“What are the lifestyle factors with the greatest negative impact on your skin?"

Women with varying skin types and needs answered. Yet across the board, the same answers kept popping up. Lack of sleep. Sun exposure. Pollution. We knew we were on to something; women were literally telling us the lifestyle factors that damaged their skin the most. But when we looked at serums that were available on the market, none addressed these lifestyle factors. The majority of serums were either focused on solving one problem, like dark spots or dehydration, or selling a single ingredient, like niacinamide or hyaluronic acid. 

This did not make sense to us. Everyone knows that dark spots are the result of sun exposure. However studies have shown that UV rays also causes collagen to break down, leading to accelerated aging. What this means is that a lifestyle with high sun exposure typically results in skin with dark spots, fine lines AND wrinkles. For most of us, it’s a package deal. For example, lack of sleep causes both dehydrated skin and inflammation. Another common side effect of sleep deprivation is a decrease in blood flow to the skin, which is what causes you to look tired. On the other hand, pollution can lead to free radical damage and weaken the skin barrier. Not only does this make your skin more sensitive, it can also make it more prone to breakouts. 

But what if there were serums that could directly address the negative impact of these lifestyle factors? What if there are serums that could directly tackle the negative effects of lack of sleep, sun exposure and pollution? Well, now there are!


Circadian Fixer Hydro Drops 

+ Tackles skin imbalances caused by a lack of sleep, such as dehydration, redness and inflamed skin. This serum also contains ingredients that can help reduce the visible effects of tiredness by increasing microcirculation in skin. 

Sun Eraser Glow Drops

+ Gently erases the cumulative effects of photo-aging, which includes dark spots, dull skin, wrinkles and fine lines. This serum also contains ingredients that enhances your skin’s natural radiance and help it build collagen over time.

Anti Pollution Nano Drops 

+ Banishes the toxic effects of pollution by eliminating free radicals from city dust, tobacco smoke and exhaust fumes. Besides keeping harmful free radicals out, this serum also contains ingredients that keep what’s in your skin strong, making it the perfect first line of defense against city living.  

Light As Water

Nobody likes feeling sticky. There’s a common misconception that light serums aren’t as effective as heavier ones, but that is simply not true! The job of a serum is to deliver concentrated actives to your skin, just like how a sports drink delivers electrolytes to your body after a workout. Unlike oils and creams, serums are usually made with tiny molecules that are small enough to penetrate the skin. This makes them great skin perfecting tools.

Our new drops deliver the best-in-class of J-beauty ingredients into your skin while remaining as light as water. Despite their watery feel, they stay in your skin a long time and absorb quickly - leaving no hint of grease or residue! They are also completely layerable and mixable, making them the perfect add-on to any routine. Kind of like that cute but quiet kid at the back of the class that is always helpful and scoring A’s. Yeah, that’s us. 

Best-In-Class Ingredients From Japan

When we first started exploring the possibility of developing serums, we looked deep into Japanese cuisine to get hints on what would work best for skin. Tradition can often provide clues into what works and what doesn’t - and we viewed the holistic nature of Japanese cuisine, or washoku, as a kind of guiding hand evolved through thousands of years of distilled knowledge. 

This was the key that led us down the rabbit hole into a world filled with amazing ingredients. We discovered that Japanese food held all sorts of skin-loving benefits, both internally and externally. We were able to get access to seaweeds from the coastlines of Japan, kudzu root from Yoshino and peach juice from Yamanashi. We also tried to use as much local Japanese produce as possible. For Circadian Fixer Hydro Drops, we used chardonnay grapes from St. Cousair Winery, an award-winning vineyard located near the Chikuma River Valley. These grapes are known for increasing skin barrier function and moisture levels in skin, making them the perfect beauty sleep hack. 

With the help of our hardworking scientists, we also managed to get access to some of the most cutting-edge active ingredients in Japan - molecules like superoxide dismutase, oryzanol, resveratrol and asthaxanthin that can help defend the skin from damaging superoxides and free radicals in the environment, and protect the skin from sun-induced aging. We proud to have chosen each ingredient thoughtfully and deliberately, for the benefit of your skin. 

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