Goodbye 2019! Our Year End Round Up

December is upon us, and there’s no better time for holiday spending, festive cheer, increased alcohol consumption, and of course, reflecting on the last eleven months. Just putting it out there, but this year was kind of a big deal for us. Because Rooki was launched this year! 

Thank you universe, for allowing us to have a relatively smooth, simple and happiness-filled launch. We might not have came bursting into the scene with bags of venture capitalist moolah or a horde of press on our trails, but magically - we still did pretty well. I sometimes like to think of my brand as the little rookie that could. As long as we keep chugging and puffing along the tracks, some day we will reach the top of the mountain. I’m proud to report that things have been steadily on the upswing. Despite the growth, Rooki is still very much an indie beauty startup - we try to adapt as fast as we can, we sometimes fail, we experiment a little too much, and sometimes our site crashes at 3 am in the morning. Hey, it happens. 

To our beloved rookies, I mean it when I say this: THANK YOU for all the workload that you have blessed upon us. Before becoming the founder of Rooki, the scariest thing was having too much work. Now, the opposite is true. The scariest thing for any brand founder is having no work. Your work keeps me sane. So, thank you. We also want to give a special shoutout to those who have given us their time. Our retailers, who believed in us enough to have us in their stores. Our formulators, for always giving us the good stuff. Our dedicated followers, who zealously like, share and comment on all our Instagram posts. And anyone who has ever came all the way down to meet us for coffee - we can’t be more grateful for all the kaya toast, kopi c, matcha lattes and iced teas downed this year. 

Now, moving on to the tough part…how we’ve fared. Is running Rooki an expensive endeavour? Yes. Did we break even this year? Hell no! Every dollar earned we’ve earned, we’ve reinvested. I’ve kept the dice rolling for many reasons - but the biggest reason of all is hope. I could talk all day about how the beauty industry is valued at $532 billion and on a rapid upward trajectory, but if I didn’t believe in this moonshot dream, I wouldn’t have invested everything into Rooki. And it’s not just money we’re talking about, the biggest investment of all is something I can’t get back and that’s time. 

Obviously, that can lead to a lot of anxiety. But if there’s anything I’ve learnt, is that that just comes with the territory and you just have to deal with it. It’s normal to get cold feet. It’s normal to doubt yourself. What’s important is that you keep moving forward, even if it’s just a tiny step. It reminds me of this Calvin and Hobbes strip: 


Or that Bill Gates quote, “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” Right now, Rooki isn’t even a year old. We can’t wait to see what she’d look like in ten years.

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